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Pavlova roulade


Surprise your loved ones with a meringue roulade 🥰 it's quick and incredibly delicious!

The recipe for Pavlov's meringue (yes, it can also be made into a roll) can be found here.

The only difference is a temperature. You need to bake the roulade on paper for 30 minutes and at 145-150 degrees. Transfer it from a sheet to the table and leave it for cooling on a piece of paper.

Cream. I love!!!
▪️250 g cream 36%
▪️200 g of good quality mascarpone
▪️50 g powdered sugar
▪️real vanilla or vanilla sugar (if you take 10 g vanilla sugar, add 10 g less powdered sugar)

Put all the well-chilled ingredients in the bowl of a blender and beat at high speed until the cream is dense.
As soon as this happens, turn off the blender to prevent the mascarpone from delaminating!
❗️Make sure the ingredients are well chilled❗️

Put the cream on the meringue and spread it over with a spoon /putty knife/spatula.
Chaotically lay out your favorite fresh blueberries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries are perfect, you can add a little fresh mint), then carefully roll up the roulade and put it in the fridge for about an hour.

This time I made a jam with passion fruit, pieces of mango and lime 🤤🥭

Bon Appetit!