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Without sugar?

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We all strive to lead a healthier life. I do it too. I also asked the following question:

Is it possible not to add sugar or to give it up altogether?

The answer is "no".

▪️sugar is needed to bind the tiny particles of water that are contained in each ingredient to a greater or lesser extent. And water is an environment for bacteria to grow, which we don't want.
▪️ sugar is a preservative. We know that.
▪️The sugar adds softness to the biscuit, makes them toasty.
▪️ without sugar, there will be no stiff meringue.
▪️ sugar prevents English cream from becoming an omelette.
▪️we buy dessert and the desserts are sweet.

In short, you cannot take sugar and remove it from a recipe. I give it as little as possible because I don't like sugary desserts myself.

Cakes with white or milk chocolate are sweeter, but then I try to balance this sweetness with fillings.

And sometimes it's worth eating a piece of a really good cake and enjoying the taste. Yes i do. And I don't use sugar on a daily basis.