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The price of cakes

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What does the price of cakes consist of?

I wrote this post to promote awareness. I know you cannot know about everything, and that is normaly.

My costs are really high.
Belgian chocolate from various price shelves, pralines, nuts and nut pastes, the best cream, French fruit puree and frozen fruits and crisps
▪️count and types of fillings.
I'm striving to make cakes more interesting. That's why I don't make 2-3 fillings as a standard, but 3-4 (biscuit, crispy layer, fruits and creams / ganache)
▪️my trainings.
I invest in my knowledge
I bake macaroons, buy flowers, make sugar figures (and this takes working hours)
▪️other expenses ("hidden" costs for the client).

Aluminum and food foils, confectionery bags, toothpicks, floristic tapes, decorations (top for cake), edible gold and silver, spray foil, Silikomart molds, water, electricity, boxes, pads, disinfection, cleaning agents, disposable gloves, paper towels, ribbons, Lightroom… there is a lot of it! And all this is included in the "composition" of each cake 😊

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