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Eggs in baked goods and desserts.

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Recently, I have been getting questions from you about raw eggs in my desserts.

Are my cakes safe for you and your child?

🥚 all eggs are heat-treated (salmonella dies at approx. 60 degrees). For example, English cream is cooked to 80-82 degrees).

🥚 I only use irradiated eggs. This means that they are disinfected with UV rays, they are safe even in marshmallows, where I pour the syrup cooked to about 110 degrees into the proteins with fruits.

I only use illuminated eggs, even in biscuits and macaroons, regardless of the baking temperature.
When I need to make decorations with Swiss meringue (the one tanned on a lemon friction), I can use albumin or pasteurized protein, which are completely safe.
However, I haven't used the pasteurized protein option yet and I don't know how it behaves.