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Caramelized white chocolate


One more #pastrylab_recepie for caramelized white chocolate that you can make yourself at home using a microwave;)

The most important rules:
▪️good white chocolate without additives
▪️mix thoroughly after each heating! Even if you think nothing is happening there.
To make such chocolate, we have to burn it. This does not mean that it should fry to a black color, so we melt it with impulses after 20-22 sec. mixing thoroughly.
The chocolate will be thick when pulled out of the microwave, but will become liquid when mixed.
It will slowly change color until you find it perfect for you.

1. Ok. Melt 100 g of chocolate for 15 seconds | mix | repeat.
2. Next we give for about 20-22 sec. 10-15 times (not counting), mixing each time.
So much.

Such chocolate will be less sweet, because we do not add caramel to it, but caramelize the sugar already added to the chocolate.

It can be made into ganache, toppings etc. So that's all you do with white.

P.S. The video you can be found in this post.