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Pavlova meringue


Pavlova meringue (8 servings or a large cake, you can also make half a serving)

▪️proteins at room temperature 160 g
▪️ sugar 270 g
▪️corn starch 20 g
▪️️ vinegar 6-9% 1.5 tsp

Beat the egg whites to a light foam with homogeneous bubbles (it should be similar to beer foam). Add sugar gradually and beat the meringue until it becomes stiff and the sugar is completely dissolved.
Add starch and vinegar, mix thoroughly with a spatula and spoon into 8 molds or cake.

Bake at 100-110 degrees for about 40-60 minutes (depending on the size). The meringue should come off the baking paper easily, but remain soft inside.

Add your favorite cream or whipped cream and fruits.

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